Cabs in India


Cab Services in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore

Cabs, apart from commutation type have become comfort type of transportation in India, which could be seen constantly used in by its people, and of course predominantly by the tourists to the country!

Modern Cabs

The days, when we could see plenty of ambassadors and premier type cars providing cab services, so called taxi services in the country, have faded away long time back, as now you could see every type of cars, including Mercedes, Ford types, Maruti cars, Tata Sierra, Tata Indica, Swift, Alto, and many more type of cars, be it a domestic model or probably an international collaborated ones, cars are available for every personality in the country. But, the percentage of people preferring the cab services do not stay at higher ranges all the time, as other transportation services like cycle rickshaws, auto services, public transportations like metro stations, sub ways, trains, and buses have their own effects on the use of cab services. Further, ‘share auto’ concepts too have dragged down the use of cab services to some extent, but not completely though.

Reason and Cause

However, the cabs could be found in mandatory use in the most fastest commercial metros, like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata… does it mean people do not consider too much about frugality? No, it doesn’t mean that, as they do care about economic spending over there, but the raging traffic moments all the time, and long distance at which the places inside the cities are placed, and many more external features push the necessity of using the cab services. One of the most significant features is that heavy loads of population too compel people to choose for the cabs, it might be surprising that how can population be an effective external factor that drives in the use of cabs in the country? Well, it indirectly does, but how? In the peak hours, in the first place, the traffic is being caused by too many vehicles at a time, which is of course been triggered by the heavy population in the country, and in case if people decide to take either, bus services or train, even that’s going be crowded due to overwhelming population. Hence, by all means huge population stays as a primary cause for the heavy traffic in the country.

More than Mere Transportation

Nowadays, the cabs and its services means more comfort to the people, and been widely used during long journeys, both at day and night time. In metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, we could see the abundant use of cab services, as these spots are the mandatory choice when it is coming to tourists attractions, even via the usage of cabs, a huge percentage is usually sponsored towards the economic growth of the particular cities, thereby indirectly to the country. In Mumbai metro, around 55, 000 cabs operate with the recent enhancement of radio cab services too in the city. The radio cab services are typically air-conditioned cars with GPS, radio, and electronic meters to calculate the charges of the journeys. Mumbai is the first city in the country, which is said to have accomplished a magazine to all the cabs servicing agencies that are in turn got pertained to the cab union in the city, namely the ‘MumBaee,’ further, cabs could be easily seen in the capital city Delhi too. The cab services are available at advance booking, sometimes could be easily won for usage on the way too.

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